IPSN Overview

Although There Are About 70 Plastic Surgery Societies In The World , But IPSN Society Is Totally Different And Unique.

WE ARE IPSN SOCIETY THE FIRST AND THE ONLY INTERACTIVE  AND INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC SURGERY ONLINE SOCIETY IN THIS WORLD. The Main Aim IS To Connect All The Plastic Surgeons From All Over The World Together , Let Them Share Their Experiences And Help The Surgeons Who Are In Need.

IPSN Society Today..
Around The Clock Around The World

24 / 7 / 365

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    Is Well Organized , Officially Registered Society In Germany ( Reg. No. VR 8207 HB – Bremen )

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    With more than 4000 Pure Plastic Surgeons From All Over The World And Increasing Obviously Every Day. The New Members Are Accepted Only After Applying Their Credentials As Pure Plastic Surgeons.

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    Honorary President, President ,Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, 7 Board Members, 9 Administrators. They Are Working Together , Day & Night ,Everyday With Separate Tasks And Missions helping and connecting plastic surgeons worldwide.

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    With Very Successful International Annual Meetings In Different Countries and With Co-Partnerships With Many International and National Plastic Surgery Societies . ( Ex.: ISAPS , German Society Of Plastic Surgery , Kolkhida ,Turkish Plastic Surgery Society, Emirates Plastic Surgery Society, Egyptian Society of Plastic Surgery ESPRS, ...)

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    Sharing The Interesting Cases And New Techniques Everyday By Our Worldwide Great Plastic Surgeons With Continuous Interactive Scientific Conversations And Brain Storming Mini Conferences.

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    Many Successful Projects As: 1. Live-Free Webinars Series Weekly By The Legend of Plastic Surgery Worldwide, with Live Interactive Questions 2. IPSN Mega Studies & Share Peers ,With Publishing Many International Scientific Papers And Books By IPSN Members Who Are From Different Continents And Didn't Know Each Others Except Through IPSN Society Online Community 3. Live Streaming Surgeries 4. IPSN Society Free Visiting Doctors Programs and Fellowships Worldwide.


Although there are about 70 Plastic surgery societies in the world , but IPSN Society is totally different and unique....

Around The Clock

Is The Only Plastic Surgery Community, That Is Online 24 Hrs , 7 Days And 365 Days , Always Ready To Help The Plastic Surgeons , Choosing The Best Operative Solutions For Their Problematic Cases. Pre-Op, Post-Op and sometimes Even Intra-Operative! Actually ,There Is No Society In The World That Do This Job With Their Members Even With Fees!

Around The World

Is An International Plastic Surgery Society, That Connects All The Plastic Surgeons Together From All Over The World And Is Not Limited To A Country Or A Continent. Where Ever The Plastic Surgeons are, They Could Join Us.

Pure Plastic Surgery Community

Is A Selective Society Just For Plastic Surgeons, This Means there are no Orthopedic, Maxillofacial Surgeons Or Dermatologists, in the society ,With All Our Respect For Them.

Free Help

Is Totally Free Plastic Surgery Society , Helping The Plastic Surgeons around the clock freely ! 24 / 7 / 356 !

No Scientific Degree Limit

Is A Great Mixture, Starting From Being A Resident Till Having The Legends Of Plastic Surgery From All Over The World As Members And Leaders .It is Not A Must To Have a Master Degree or Specific Degree As Other Societies To Join Us And Share Your Cases.

Meet Our TEAM

Our Exceptional Golden Team Are Ready To support You With All What You Need

Dr. Marco Romeo

IPSN Society Board Member (Spain)

Dr. Carlos Oaxaca

IPSN Society President (Mexico)

Prof. Dr. Luiz Toledo

IPSN Society H-President (Portugal)

Prof. Dr. Ayman Elmeligy

IPSN Society Vice-President (Bahrain)

Prof. Dr. C Can Cedidi

IPSN Society Treasurer (Germany)

Dr. Heba Osama Mahmoud

IPSN Society Secretary General (Germany)